About S & S Management

S & S Management Services, Inc., was Accredited by

ASAE’s AMC Accreditation program

for the period December 20, 2001,

until dissolution of the Accreditation program,

effective December 31, 2010.

Based in Bloomfield, Connecticut, just five minutes from downtown Hartford and fifteen minutes from Bradley International Airport, S & S Management Services is a firm specializing in association management, public relations, and government relations for business and professional associations.

S & S represents medical, professional, commercial, and trade associations. It is one of the largest association management firms in New England. The firm is headed by Arthur N. Schuman and Mark R. Schuman, who have accumulated over 60 years of experience as association executives. The staff at S & S recognizes the importance of human relations in implementing any association management program, and we require that our personnel be innovators, researching problems and seeking solutions for the consideration and approval of an association’s governing body.