What we do

S & S Management currently services the association management, public relations, legislative and government relations and meeting and convention planning requirements of the following local, state, regional, and national groups:

Professional associations
Industrial, commercial, and trade associations
political action committees.

These associations, which represent a cross-section of the American business and professional community, have memberships as small as 30 and as large as 10,000, with annual budgets, in some instances, well in excess of $1,000,000. Of course, one of the keys to good association management is providing an effective year-round action program for associations with limited financial capability, and our staff has acquired vast experience in this important area.

While taking great pride in the nuts and bolts approach to association management, S & S Management Services has specialized in meeting the particular needs of each client group. We make every effort to work with the governing boards of our client associations to see that long-range objectives are achieved. Whenever innovative programming is necessary to ensure success, staff members work together with the executive director, who has primary staff responsibility, to provide various alternatives for the client association. We believe in utilizing team expertise, calling on specific abilities of individuals rather than expecting one person to be expert in everything.